Cycle Driven Flour Mill

Gangaram Chauhan is a Grass-root Innovator and earns his living by innovating as per community’s need. He has developed a Cycle driven flour mill which helps in maintaining healthy lifestyle through cycling and maintaining nutritional value of flour by milling at low rate low temperature.

Rice De-Husking Machine

Ram Milan Bharadwaj is a sheet metal expert by profession and improvised to create many useful products in agriculture tooling. With ACIC Meerut he has developed a unique, portable rice de-husking machine which keeps the bran intact and hence helps people to consume healthy diet.

Solar Driven Flour Mill

Rajesh Kumar has developed a solar driven flour mill which is portable and convenient. It is capable of flouring 8 kg in 5 hrs. at very low rate to maintain the nutritional value. He has also created many agriculture based tools.

Electricity Generator From Motion Of Bull

Vivek Patel is a Grass-root Innovator who has created a simple filter to increase the mileage of petrol based motor bikes. He has also created one gear system which is used to efficiently generate electricity from the motion of bulls/ox which makes Gaushalas atmanirbhar (self- sufficient/ sustainable).

Cycle Driven Washing Machine

Convection & Radiation Room Heater

Women Safety Products

Solar Driven Washing Machine

Multipurpose Electric Tractor